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“Everything about The Homeroom just makes you smile. The atmosphere is bright & cheery. Everyone is so friendly & positive!”
— Sarah Ray
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We set out to create an experience beyond just shopping
— Lara Kocerka - CoFounder

It all started in 2015..

The Homeroom is a creative workshop space where we can help people create. Our mission is connecting people with people, the arts and local communities.  We started this project for two reasons: to add additional value to our customers' shopping experience and to showcase local artists in our community.

In 2015 we launched a similar initiative called The Local Makers Marketplace where we highlighted up to seven local artists, makers and creatives on the last Saturday of every month.  This project ran for 3 months and due to the location (outside) we had to shut it down as the summer months heated up.  But it was well received by the artists and the community and we’ve been searching for an outlet to reintroduce this ever since. 

We believe The Homeroom will be an even better and more focused version of The Local Makers Marketplace.  Not only will we be able to work within the community, but we will be able to offer students first hand, the ins and outs of what it takes to create something. 

 By building a network of passionate instructors within the community we can highlight these artists, makers and creatives. At the same time, we're creating a space where people can come interact with other people and use their hands, imagination and tools to create art... all under the expert guidance of local artists and makers.


“Connecting people with people, the arts and local communities”

 “Connecting People with People” - There’s so much social media, technology and texting. We’ve gone from walking by people on the streets and smiling, to walking by people with our heads buried in our phones. The Homeroom will help bring us back to those roots of interacting with people we don’t know personally and will challenge our ability to create… not just with our hands but with our hearts.

 “The arts” – There’s a great deal of why “ART” is important in our lives, even if we aren’t confident in our abilities just yet.  Art allows the mind to wander outside of the normal context of rule, interpretation can mean many things from one person to another and it’s neither wrong nor right, it just is.  Art allows us to relax, relieve stress and consciously connects us to our brain, helping reestablish our self-awareness equilibrium among many other positive things.

 “Local communities” – With great people we can achieve and create great things. And there is a lot of great people that live, work and play within ours.  We want to celebrate the diverse cultures within our region and highlight artists that have a passion for creating, teaching and helping others.  Let’s celebrate people together, creating and sharing, laughing and caring.


The Homeroom is…

  • Part of Declaration & Co.

  • Instructor lead classes

  • Make & take crafts

  • Demonstrations

  • Community

  • Art

  • Love

It’s More than just classes…

  • Rent the room for meetings

  • Host an intimate gathering

  • Throw a launch party

  • Girls Night Out

  • Birthday Party