Team Building

Inspire those who work with you everyday in The Homeroom with one of our Instructor lead classes. The perfect team building outing to inspire creativity, reduce stress & recharge your team. We can accommodate up to 12 team members at once. Groups are small by design and help accentuate an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.


creating together

The opposite of work is play. Art is playful and does not have defined boundaries and rules that govern work. Bring your team together in one of creative classes and let their creativity flow. Everyone will benefit from it.

Create something beautiful

Art isn’t created equal & that’s the beauty in it. There is no right or wrong and certainly no rules… the beauty is in the act of creating which allows us to reestablish out inner peace. Consider it active meditation.


learn a new creative outlet

Learning a new creative approach to an old problem is something we can all benefit from. Helping your team see things in a creative way can carry over into better solutions.

All skill levels welcome

Our classes are taught by instructors who have mastered the art of teaching and doing. They are able to walk and talk while delivering an easy to follow class. Every class is built for a variety of skill levels.


Team Building Classes start at $100.00 per student. Contact for more information or fill out the form below.

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